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Forging strong relationships in business is all about creating touchpoints with employees, clients, and prospect by giving them a gift.  It can be a common piece of swag, like a fountain pen or a branded note pad, but when you think a little outside the box, corporate gifting not only cements alliances, but builds your brand in a powerful way.  The best way to create that lasting memory is by appealing to their sense of taste.

It’s well known that taste triggers memories. 

Fresh coffee brewing in the morning might trigger a Christmas morning at Mom’s house, while a fresh-baked treat could take you back to hot cookies straight out of Grandma’s oven. So, why is taste such a powerful reaction? In The Omnivorous Mind: Our Evolving Relationship With Food, published by Harvard Press, John S. Allen explains that as human beings, we’re essentially hardwired to link food and memory through both nature and nurture.

In the book Allen ties together how our brains are designed to absorb experiences through the senses and then record them as memories. Much of this happens in the hippocampus, a part of our limbic system that deals with emotions, memory and emotional processing.

While the hippocampus is our most basic structure for forming memories and recalling them, it’s also responsible for the spatial memory we count on—knowing where things are, where we are and how to navigate. Essentially, the hippocampus helps us organize and remember our world so that we can survive, and since food is so vital, it qualifies as a significant memory to record.

To make the relationship even a bit more interesting, when we eat something we really like, our brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that lights up our brain’s reward centers and turns what might otherwise be a short-term memory into a long-term one.

At Roasted Whisk, we have the perfect corporate gift ideas to help celebrate holidays, birthdays, personal or professional achievements, and anniversaries.  Whether you’re saying “welcome aboard” or “thank you for your business,” a gift box with premium Cuban coffee and espresso-infused home-baked treats can keep you and your brand top-of-mind for all the right reasons.

The fastest way to their heart is through their stomach. 

After all, who thought Harry and David could build an empire selling pears?  At Roasted Whisk, we combine two office favorites–coffee and treats–in unique gift boxes they’ll appreciate with every sip and bite.

We can beautifully brand your corporate gift boxes.

Better yet, we can brand any of our boxes just for your company, and include your mugs, your logo on the box, and a custom, branded thank you card.  We’ll also work with you to help decide which coffees and treats you want your boxes to include, and can drop ship them for you fresh when ordered.

Plus, corporate gifts make tax time less taxing.

Did you know that you can deduct up to $25 for each corporate gift you give?  That makes a Roasted Whisk corporate gift box a smart choice in more ways than one.

Want to learn more? 

Visit us at  Ready to start customizing your own corporate gift boxes right now?  Email us at or call 813-804-0169.  It’s the tastiest way to show your appreciation.