Lizette Rivera

Instinctive Business Savvy

Growing up in a home buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit, Lizette Rivera was inspired by her mother, who successfully ran a daycare and a clothing and jewelry business. This environment taught Lizette the value of hard work, a lesson she carried from her mother, Rose—a Cuban immigrant chasing the American dream. After settling in New Jersey and marrying Lizette’s Puerto Rican father, Wilfred Rivera, they crafted a life filled with opportunity and freedom. Wilfred, noticing Lizette’s early business savvy when she sold her used pencils at school, predicted her future success in the business world.

Following college, Lizette ventured into the corporate world, climbing the insurance industry ladder for two decades. In 2015, ready for a significant change, she tapped into her entrepreneurial roots and launched Chef Inspired Popcorn, marking a bold departure from her corporate journey and embracing her family legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Baking Up New Opportunities

Amidst the trials brought on by COVID, a silver lining emerged with the birth of Roasted Whisk in 2020. Today, it boasts a swiftly expanding, dedicated following and is exploring exciting new additions to its collection, including decaffeinated coffees, specialty teas, and unique coffee-scented soaps and lotions, as we consider expanding Roasted Whisk across the country.

At Roasted Whisk, the ordinary is reimagined into the extraordinary. Our inventive selection is a testament to creativity and quality. We’re not just about coffee; we’re about inspiring female entrepreneurs to carve their own paths to success, in their own distinctive styles.

Lizette Rivera