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Meet the Founder

Business acumen comes naturally.

Lizette Rivera grew up watching her Mom run two small businesses out of her home. One was a daycare and the other a clothing and jewelry business. Through her, Lizette learned what a good work ethic was. Rose, who fled Cuba to embrace the American dream, met and married Lizette's Puerto Rican father Wilfred Rivera in New Jersey. Together, they made a wonderful life in the land of the free. After learning Lizette was selling her gently used pencils at school for 25 cents, Wilfred knew she was destined to be a powerhouse in business.

After college, Lizette took the corporate route so many women follow.  She worked her way up in the ranks after 20 years in the insurance industry.  In 2015, she decided to do a complete 180 and started Chef Inspired Popcorn. 

Experience the Joy

Baking up new opportunities.

With the challenges of COVID also came a great new opportunity and Roasted Whisk was launched in 2020. Currently, it enjoys a rapidly growing, loyal fan base and is studying new product additions to its inventory such as decaffeinated coffees, select teas, and even soaps and lotions that smell like coffee as she explores taking Roasted Whisk nationwide.

You'll never find anything too
mundane, or expected, on the inventive Roasted Whisk lineup.  Today, she inspires other women business owners to reach for the stars in their own unique way. 

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