Rivera Women

Born From Three Generations of Strong Women

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, Lizette Rivera, her daughter Sami, and her mother Rose turned a challenging situation into an opportunity for innovation and connection. Rejecting the idea of making lemonade out of lemons, they chose instead to craft Cafe Con Leche, a nod to their rich Latina heritage. Together, they reinvented bonding time by blending delicious baked goods with espresso and indulging in the rich, decadent coffee that was a staple in Lizette’s childhood, embracing a beloved Cuban tradition.

This unique approach became their solace during uncertain times. As Sami faced the disruption of her senior year and the loss of in-person celebrations, despite being on track to be Valedictorian, and Rose sought comfort in the midst of her dementia, Lizette’s home transformed into a sanctuary of warmth and joy. Each visit began with heartfelt hugs and the sweet scent of freshly baked treats, bringing smiles as radiant as the steamy cups of coffee they shared.

A Sip of Genius

It all changed when Rose began requesting Lizette to prepare boxes of their delightful baked goods to share with her circle of friends. These thoughtful packages became beacons of joy, illuminating the days of Rose’s elderly companions during a period shadowed by hardship. It was this spark of happiness that ignited a brilliant idea in Lizette’s mind – they had discovered a recipe for something truly special. Combining their love for rich coffee, irresistibly delicious baked treats, and the mission to scatter seeds of happiness, Roasted Whisk was born. This venture is more than just a business; it’s a celebration of joy, community, and the little moments that make life sweet.

Lizette Rivera - Founder of Roasted Whisk Gifting Co