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Roasted Whisk builds memorable boxes from the bean up.

Roasted Whisk builds memorable boxes from the bean up.

Posted on September 27 2021, By: Lizette Rivera

Roasted Whisk builds memorable boxes from the bean up.

A great cup of coffee starts with a great coffee bean. St. Petersburg, Florida-based Roasted Whisk features two locally sourced blends featuring beans from some of the most applauded coffee regions in the world. 

Cafe Cubano is "dale," a Cuban term meaning "let's get up and move around."  It's a unique signature blend with an expressive taste and a distinctly Cuban flare and is a mix of Arabica beans with a touch of Robusta.  Cafe Cubano is a type of espresso that originated in Cuba, and remains a prominent social and cultural activity in Cuba and in Cuban-American communities--particularly in Miami, Tampa, and the Florida Keys.  Traditionally, Cafe Cubano was served after dinner but has evolved to be a brew that can be enjoyed any time of the day.  To get the most out of Roasted Whisk's Cafe Cubano beans, it's best to fresh grind them and then brew them in an espresso machine or in stovetop moka pot, a double chambered pot that uses steam pressure to force water through the coffee grounds in a separate chamber.  It was a technique developed by Italian company Bialetti in 1933.

Roasted Whisk's Midnight Blend features Arabica beans from the coffee-growing regions of Costa Rica and Guatemala.  Costa Rica is the only country in the world where it is actually illegal to produce any type of coffee other than 100 percent Arabica--the highest quality of coffee beans.  While harder to grow than other types of beans, mature Arabica beans provide rich, full-bodied flavors when roasted.  Costa Rican Arabica beans are blended with the Arabica varieties grown in Guatemala that typically have tasting notes indicating a full body and rich cocoa flavor, with a somewhat toffee-like sweetness into Midnight Blend.  In particular, the Strictly Hard Bean green coffees grown in the Atitlan and Antigua coffee regions in Guatemala's central highlands offers those traits along with a hint of floral acidity.  When blended together into Midnight Blend, the beans yield a full-body texture that leaves your palate with a smooth, bold taste. 

Roasted Whisk's founder and CEO, Lizette Rivera, chose these blends as a nod to her Cuban heritage and for the fact that they result in some of the finest coffee blends in the world.  The company offers these blends in unique gift boxes that are ideal for virtually any occasion and for any coffee lover on your gift list.