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National Coffee Days in 2022

National Coffee Days in 2022

Posted on January 15 2022, By: Lizette Rivera

National Coffee Days in 2022

So many reasons to celebrate with the one and only Roasted Whisk.

With more than one billion coffee drinkers on this planet, it's no surprise that there are so many days that celebrate this wonderful, warm elixir.  Coffee is how many of us greet a new day, share with a pleasant conversation, or punctuate the end to a great meal.  At Roasted Whisk, every day is coffee day, but here's how the rest of the globe celebrates.

 January 18 - National Gourmet Coffee Day

Hugh Jackman said it best.  "The smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions." 

January 25 - National Irish Coffee Day

Talk about a "top o' the morning!"  Whether you start or end your day with a decadent Irish Coffee is up to you.  We won't judge.

February 17 - National Café au Lait Day

Sounds fancy, but it's really just a cup of hot java with hot milk in it.  It literally translates from French to English as "coffee with milk."  In Europe, the warm milk keeps a shot of espresso warm. 

March 21 - Tiramisu Day

It's not a coincidence that March 21 is also the day after the Spring Equinox, symbolizing the beginning of Spring.  National Tiramisu Day celebrates both the world's favorite coffee-infused dessert but also winter giving way to spring.  After all, Tiramisu literally means "pick-me-up." 

April 7 - National Coffee Cake Day

Usually a one-layer sponge cake flavored with fruits or cinnamon, coffee cake is even better when washed down with a satisfying mug of Roasted Whisk.  Coffee cake actually originated in Germany, where it's called kaffeeklatsch, which is a term still used to this day to describe an animated gathering over coffee and cake. 

July 26 - National Coffee Milkshake Day

When coffee meets milkshake, it's love at first sip. 

September 6 - National Coffee Ice Cream Day

Try some on this day with a little chocolate syrup. You're welcome. 

September 29 - National Coffee Day & National Mocha Day

It's a huge social media holiday given that the hashtag #nationalcoffeeday has been used over 650,000 times on Instagram alone.  The US isn't alone in celebrating this special day.  We're joined by Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and South Africa.  This would be a great day to give your favorite coffee lover at gift box from Roasted Whisk.

October 1 - International Coffee Day

For all those countries who didn't get in on the fun for National Coffee and Mocha Day, International Coffee Day has been celebrated in different countries since at least 1983.  The official first International Coffee Day was celebrated at the Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy and celebrates coffee growers worldwide.

October 3 - Coffee With A Cop Day

Since coffee is a great way to brew up a friendship, it's also a great time to forge a good relationship with those who keep our communities safe. 

October 7 - National Frappe Day

In 1957, Nescafe's Dimitris Vakondios was looking for a way to increase instant coffee sales and invented the Frappe.  It's easy to make at home, too, using milk, vanilla ice cream, instant coffee, ice, and sugar or honey. 

November 8 - National Cappuccino Day

While there are any number of reasons to enjoy a Cappuccino on November 8, the most important ones to remember are 1:1:1.  That's the ratio for a perfect Cappuccino--one shot of espresso, one part steamed milk, and one part foam.  Serve it in the morning with a sweet pastry or croissant for a true Italian-inspired celebration. 

November 23 - National Espresso Day

This holiday is near and dear to our hearts here at Roasted Whisk.  We infuse many of our baked treats with espresso, including our brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Pair them with a cup of Roasted Whisk Cafe Cubano or Midnight Blend for a tasty way to celebrate this special day. 

December 3 - National Peppermint Latte Day

While many think pumpkin-spiced latte is the best holiday coffee indulgence, we beg to differ.  A hot or iced peppermint latte is one of our favorite winter flavors. Heck, why not enjoy one any time of the year? 

December 15 - National Gingerbread Latte Day

Come home from a brisk day of holiday shopping, put your feet up, and savor a steaming gingerbread latte. 

Remember, every day can be Coffee Day with a gift box from Roasted Whisk.