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For One Tampa Entrepreneur, Every Day Is National Coffee Day

For One Tampa Entrepreneur, Every Day Is National Coffee Day

Posted on September 29 2021, By: Lizette Rivera

For One Tampa Entrepreneur, Every Day Is National Coffee Day

Today is the day to raise a steamy mug to America's favorite drink for more than a decade--coffee.  Americans drink coffee more than any other beverage, including water.  In fact, 58 percent of Americans enjoy some java every day.  Tea runs a close second at 47 percent, followed by tap water, which is drank by 46 percent of people in the U.S. daily. 

On average, Americans consume an average of three cups of coffee a day, which adds up to 646 million cups of coffee.  It's not surprising that the COVID-19 pandemic drove more coffee drinking at home, too.  Eighty-five percent had at least one cup of coffee at home in 2020, and 41 percent reported trying a new type of coffee during the pandemic.  With coffee shops shuttered and workplaces still, it's not surprising that 23 percent bought a new coffee machine for their homes as well. 

The pandemic led to the birth of St. Tampa-based Roasted Whisk as well. 

 When life gave them lemons during the COVID pandemic, Lizette Rivera, daughter Sami, and Mom Rose Rivera thought, "to heck with the lemonade, let's make Cafe Con Leche."  These three Latinas found the perfect way to bond and create, by infusing delicious baked goods with espresso and drinking rich, decadent coffee like they had done in Lizette's childhood home --a Cuban tradition. 

 It was just the therapy they all needed during a difficult time.  Sami was poised to graduate high school as the Valedictorian of her class before COVID forced her Senior year of studies (and social events) online. Rose, who has dementia, found Lizette's home to be a safe house where she could begin her visit with hugs and a luscious cookie or brownie. 

 Then Rose started asking Lizette for boxes of baked goods that she could share with her friends.  These boxes always elicited more smiles and a bright spot in an otherwise dark time for many of Rose's elderly friends and neighbors.  That's when the light bulb went off, and Lizette realized they were onto something.  They blended their passion for coffee, their sinfully good baked goods, and a desire to spread precious moments of bliss into what is now Roasted Whisk. 

Even their beloved fur baby Charlie got in on the fun, which is why Roasted Whisk offers a Pup & Pal Box.  Charlie is a Maltese/Yorkie mix with some dietary restrictions, so Lizette partnered with another Hispanic business woman to create dog treats exclusive to Roasted Whisk, including Paw-Pachino and PUP-NANAS. These canine cookies are organic and are baked in small batches to preserve freshness. 

To learn more, visit RoastedWhisk.com.